Please note that kitchen appliances can be demonstrated at any time – just call us on 01635 863853 or drop by the showroom. For any extra information on our current events please contact us.

Our live cooking events are held at Thatcham Kitchens’ Bosch smart showroom in Berkshire. These events are an opportunity for ultimate cooking inspiration, tips and tricks as our Bosch Economist talks you through a live cooking workshop utilising the latest appliances. They also allow you to try out all the latest smart kitchen functionality to add ultimate convenience to your life.

Full Bosch demo day

Come along at anytime between 10-3pm

21st November 2020  – TBC

Let’s cook supper

A two hour event 6pm-8pm

2nd September 2020 – TBC

Here’s a sneak peek of how amazing a smart kitchen can be…