Kitchen Fitters

A common scenario of people settling for second best with their kitchen can occur because they take the easy route of going to a hardware store, choosing what they think are the best fittings, then searching through Checkatrade for the nearest kitchen fitter. Pop it all into place and voila!…. You can’t open one of the cupboards fully because the dishwasher’s in the way, you have a little pointless gap at the end of your worktop units and half your cupboard space is wasted because you can’t reach it. The oven you chose burns everything to a crisp and your extractor fan is louder than your dinner party conversation can handle.

But it doesn’t have to play out like that. At Thatcham Kitchens, we fit your kitchen AND we design it  – to a higher spec than you could imagine.

The finest kitchen units and fittings from Mereway Kitchens

We offer the finest kitchen units and fittings from Mereway Kitchens, with a beautiful range of colours (and we are skilled to help you choose the best colour scheme too) and accessories.

  • Highest-tech Bosch appliances to make your life easier than you thought possible. We are Bosch 5* experts so we can show you all the impressive features of Bosch ovens, dishwashers and more. And we can help you choose the best appliances to suit your lifestyle
  • Our experienced team will give you plenty of ideas and inspiration, then help you choose a stylish kitchen design.
  • We can supply the whole kitchen including the appliances, and we can fit it all for you – making sure that you use your kitchen space as efficiently and creatively as possible.

So don’t settle for a great new kitchen, settle for the PERFECT new kitchen, with Thatcham Kitchens.

Come and visit our kitchen showroom in Berkshire for more ideas, friendly kitchen design advice and for a kitchen fitter in Newbury and surrounding areas. We are located at 44 The Broadway, Thatcham, Berkshire RG19 3HP.