Kitchen trends 2019 – smart kitchens

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Kitchen trends 2019 - smart kitchens If you're thinking of replacing or refurbishing your kitchen, you might be wondering what the kitchen trends 2019 are. As kitchen design and appliance experts, we're passionate about keeping on top of all the latest kitchen trends so we can provide our customers with expert inspiration and advice. From [...]

Smart kitchen showroom

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After recently being upgraded to a Bosch smart showroom, we held a smart kitchen showroom event in November at our kitchen shop in Berkshire, and everyone was invited. Our smart kitchens iCook event demonstrated just how much a smart kitchen can change your life. At the event people were able to watch how they can [...]

How smart is your kitchen?

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How smart is your kitchen? The word 'smart' is not just about knowing your times tables and acing your exams these days, it has a whole new meaning in the high-tech world we live in today. So what do we mean when we talk about having a 'smart kitchen'? Voice activated control or direct from [...]