In with the old… the larder makes a comeback

When you think of a kitchen larder, what comes to mind? Perhaps an old black and white advert from yesteryear starts playing in your mind, or a memory of summer holidays at your Grandparents’ house. 

Well, it’s time for a rethink! In recent years, this useful kitchen addition has made a comeback and it’s fast becoming the latest ‘must-have’ in country-style kitchens across the land.

If you’re young enough to be sitting there thinking, “What is a kitchen larder, anyway?” then let us explain.

A larder is something of a hybrid between a kitchen cupboard and storage room. Although they come in a variety of styles, they all have one thing in common; the ability to store a range of foods in/on a variety of drawers, shelves and racks – keeping them cool, dry and fresh.

Larders – then and now

The word ‘larder’ is taken from the Medieval French ‘lardier’, which refers to the preservation of meat joints for winter by covering them in lard, in huge barrels. As time went on, better access to shops and regular deliveries of food made this storage system unnecessary and eventually the need for a larder fizzled out.

Larders are becoming increasingly popular again for a couple of reasons. One is the trend for a more nostalgic aesthetic. From a practical point of view, larders also provide additional, tidy storage for those who like to shop smart, buy in bulk and store goods in larger quantities – perhaps because they’re trying to be more ‘green’ or economical.


Modern alternatives to the built-in larder are now available such as the larder cupboard, which mixes an ordinary kitchen cupboard and a separate storage room, made to fit alongside other units and appliances.

The way people use their kitchen space has changed. Our kitchens have become versatile areas in which to socialise or work, not just cook and eat. Larders are ideal in this respect because they’re also a way to avoid cluttered worktops. You can keep lots of items inside and shut the doors to hide them when they’re not needed – or open them to make groceries easily accessible. This is ideal when you’re cooking or have just had a shopping delivery or returned from the farmer’s market.

In fact, larder-inspired features such as open shelving have become a fashionable kitchen look in recent years. Where better to show off your beautifully designed cake tins and rows of classic Kilner jars?

Want to reduce your food waste? Larders can really help. Not only can you store tinned goods in them, they’re the most sensible place to keep foods such as herbs, potatoes, bananas and onions – which last longer if kept out of the light.

Whether it be for aesthetic reasons to make your country-style kitchen look more authentic, or you just like the practicality of having somewhere to store your groceries in a way that you can manage them more easily, head over to our Pinterest for some dreamy kitchens featuring larders and their many benefits…

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