Is your washing machine helping you look smart?

You’re at work and you forgot to take the washing out of the machine this morning. Rather than going back to a load of damp smelling laundry that you need to rewash, with the Bosch Home Connect washers and dryers, all you need to do is go to your home connect app and put the machine on a refresh rinse cycle, just before you reach the house. It’s as simple as that.

At Thatcham Kitchens we speak to people every week who tell us they want a kitchen that’s practical and will make their life easier, that also looks stylish and chic. And because our kitchen showroom in Thatcham near Newbury has recently been upgraded by Bosch to a smart showroom it means we can tell you (and show you) about almost anything from the super-smart Bosch Home Connect appliances range. From washing machines to ovens and coffee makers, you can control your Bosch kitchen appliances from anywhere using your phone or device. This saves you heaps of effort and time, so you can really enjoy life.

Sometimes washing clothes can be more confusing than we think – colours, wools, cottons, delicates. Time consuming sorting we could do without in our busy lives. But the Bosch Home Connect app can help – simply tell your washing machine what’s in the load and it’ll work out the perfect program. It’ll even tell you if there’s an item that should come out and be washed a different way. So you’ll keep your clothes looking smarter than ever before.

It doesn’t stop at laundry… you can cook your whole Sunday roast by controlling your oven from wherever you are, look at what’s in your fridge while you’re in the supermarket in real-time with built-in fridge cameras, and control your dishwasher just when you need to with the touch of a button from any room or building.

But maybe you feel you need to see it to believe it? Our kitchen showroom in Berkshire is a Bosch smart showroom so you can visit us anytime to experience the latest technology in the kitchen, along with stylish hand painted fittings and experienced designers on hand to help you choose the perfect kitchen.

As well as visiting us anytime, we have a smart kitchens iCook event coming up on Saturday 10th November 10am – 3pm. It’s happening in our showroom Thatcham Kitchen smart showroom, The Broadway, Thatcham, Berkshire RG193HP. This event will be an opportunity for you to come and see and try out all the latest smart kitchen functionality to add ultimate convenience to your life. See how you can have Alexa as your greatest kitchen assistant and cook your roast dinner while you’re relaxing in the pub down the road. Hope to see you there!