How smart is your kitchen?

The word ‘smart’ is not just about knowing your times tables and acing your exams these days, it has a whole new meaning in the high-tech world we live in today. So what do we mean when we talk about having a ‘smart kitchen’?

Voice activated control or direct from an APP on your iPad or iPhone

A smart kitchen could completely change your life by completing tasks in the home by the touch of a button or being controlled by your voice (via an Alexa device). Imagine making a fresh cup of coffee from your iPad in bed, cooking a roast dinner using the Home Connect app on your phone whilst enjoying a day out with your family, and seeing inside your fridge from your smart device while you shop in the supermarket – how handy is that!

A smart kitchen isn’t just about food and drink preparation. You can also control your Bosch washing machine and other appliances by talking to your Alexa device and receiving notifications on your phone when the dishwasher has finished its cycle. These ‘futuristic’ examples don’t have to be imagined anymore, because at Thatcham Kitchens, our Bosch appliances do all of these impressive things so you don’t have to.

In addition to Bosch appliances we can also demonstrate the benefits of HIVE lighting.

As reputable Bosch appliance dealers and Bosch 5 start experts, we are proud to announce that our kitchen showroom in Thatcham near Newbury has recently been upgraded by Bosch to a smart showroom. This isn’t only great news for us, but now you can come and experience smart kitchens for yourself and learn about just how clever your kitchen appliances could be.

We’ll show you how you can control appliances in our Bosch kitchen showroom in Berkshire. We are Bosch appliance 5 star experts so we can answer your questions and show you how these life-changing appliances work.

Why consider smart devices?

  • Convenience – home or away, smart device make cooking and cleaning a breeze
  • Quick and easy – it’s so much easier to give voice instructions than try and find the right settings using manual controls…it’s time to let Alexa do the hard work
  • Help older and disabled relatives stay independent for longer – ideal if they struggle to turn on appliances  or you want to have the ability to support them from the comfort of your own home
  • Gadget lovers dream – if you love technology then our appliances will be just up your street

We can also talk through your kitchen design ideas if you are planning on replacing or refurbishing your kitchen. We’ve been designing and fitting kitchens for over 30 years, so we’re passionate about helping you create your dream kitchen.

Visit the smartest kitchen in Berkshire and see how your kitchen could look fabulous whilst saving you time and effort with Bosch smart appliances. We are open Monday – Saturday from 9.30am, no appointment is necessary, just turn up. Thatcham Kitchens is located on Broadway in Thatcham, Berkshire.