Make your dinner parties effortless with the Bosch FlexInduction Hob Serie 8


Efficiency, speed, culinary perfection and finding quality time to spend with your guests are key ingredients when hosting a dinner party. You shouldn’t have to worry about neglecting friends and family by spending ages in the kitchen or ruining the ambiance with strong cooking aromas and noisy appliances.

So, if you’re a keen home entertainer but are being bothered by these issues, we’re here to provide you with a solution…

Say goodbye to the traditional extractor fan

You no longer need to light 50 scented candles to disguise the smell of frying fish or vegetables cooking as your guests arrive. The Bosch Serie 8 FlexInduction Hob is a stylish-looking induction cooktop with an integrated ventilation module meaning you won’t need a separate extractor.

No more noisy, ugly hoods as the extraction is quiet and has maximum performance with minimal noise. Enjoy these other premium features of the FlexInduction Hob:

  • PerfectCook: the sensor (which can be adjusted), prevents overcooking and boiling over by precisely controlling the temperature.
  • PerfectFry: for browning of roasted foods, thanks to sensor control with 5 power levels.
  • PerfectAir Sensor: automatic control of the hood settings for maximum extractor performance with minimal noise.
  • DirectSelect Premium: direct, simple selection of the desired cooking zone, power and additional functions.
  • FlexInduction Zone: get more flexibility by combining various cooking zones into one big area suitable for small pots and large cookware.

Ideal dinner party space

The Serie 8 FlexInduction is a fantastic design feature for hobs on islands and peninsulas – great for dinner parties. Not facing a wall when cooking provides a more mindful experience – the ability to look outside, see into another room and of course attend to your guests with ease.

Another innovative feature is the ability to have flexible cooking zones. Most traditional hobs will have 4 zones (or rings as they used to be called). But what happens when you want to thicken up the gravy in the roasting dish (with a little heat), ensuring you take best advantage of all those delicious juices from your joint of meat? With the FlexInduction Hob you can, at a touch of a button, combine two zones together to work as one, giving you optimum flexibility. The amount of usable surface on your hob will accommodate even the largest of pans.

See it in action

Interested in upgrading to some of the best cooking appliances available? Or perhaps you already own a Bosch hob/oven but need some advice or cooking inspiration? If so, you’re invited to our free live cooking event on Saturday 2nd November 10am – 3pm at Thatcham Kitchens on the Broadway. You can drop in anytime throughout the day and see our Bosch home professional prepare some amazing recipes using our premium kitchen appliances. Find out more here.