Open living kitchen trends 2018: Darker shades steal the limelight from gloss white

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of falling for fads, aren’t we? The problem with trends is that unfortunately they’re usually short lived; out of fashion just as quick as they’re in – we don’t always stop to think about how long our latest ‘craze’ will remain fashionable.

Take your kitchen for example. While choosing your new design and shades you may be looking to opt for something timeless, and in a colour and style that is certain to stay current for at least the next 10 years –  like white?

According to the KBBDaily, the Hettich Trend Report indicates that kitchen designs are moving away from white gloss finishes and furniture interiors are going darker in general.

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If white’s out, then what’s in?

The trendsetters and tastemakers say it’s all about the darker open-plan kitchen these days. The Hettich Report found that the “open-plan, live-in kitchen is a communication hub and general meeting place for the whole family”, and because of this the “clinical cold feel of a white kitchen” as described by The Daily Mail, is now being replaced with “deeper fronts” giving a homelier feel.

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But don’t be put off by the reports. Ultimately, your kitchen is your space and as long as you chose something you love and that works with your lifestyle, that’s all that matters. However, if you’re in the market for a new kitchen – or you just can’t bear being off-trend for too long – Thatcham Kitchens is Mereway Kitchen supplier, based in Berkshire, and on hand to help design, supply and fit your dream kitchen.

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