Can you have a hob on a kitchen island?


There are many benefits to having your hob on your kitchen island:

  • Not facing a wall when cooking provides a more mindful experience – the ability to look outside, see into another room and of course keep a better eye on the children while you cook
  • Offers plentiful space around your cooker top to prepare your dishes

But what about having an extractor fan? Can an induction hob really work on a kitchen island – aesthetically and practically? The answer is yes!

The practical solution for having a hob on a kitchen island – The Bosch induction venting cook hob

At Thatcham Kitchens in Berkshire we have a very clever solution:

  • Bosch induction venting cook hob (PXX875D34E)  (see video above)

Rather than buying directly online, you can see it in action at our kitchen showroom in Thatcham, near Newbury.  This innovative hob has an integrated extractor fan, eliminating the need for an unsightly fan above your island.

Call us on 01635 863853 for current price.

Visit our live working kitchen and you will be amazed by our Bosch venting cook hob effortlessly extracting steam and odours while it cooks. There’s no need to worry about installing a cumbersome and ugly extractor fan above your hob anymore – this smart induction hob with an integrated ventilation module is a combination of excellent ventilation and the best induction cooking technology.

Induction hob and extraction features

This induction hob boasts many impressive features, giving you perfect cooking results on every occasion. The brilliant Bosch cooker has a PerfectCook sensor which can be adjusted to prevent overcooking and overboiling as it precisely controls the cooking temperature. We love the PerfectFry option, which will brown your steaks and roasted foods to perfection. You can also combine all the cooking hobs into one large cooking zone, giving you the opportunity to place lots of small pots or much larger cookware on to the hob. The extractor system is controlled automatically and is quiet and smooth in its performance. Say goodbye to rising steam that fills your kitchen with odours and moisture when you cook, this intelligent cooker top extractor system simply extracts it all downwards with its downdraft functionality.

Stress-free hob cleaning 

Cleaning the Bosch integrated hob extractor is stress-free. All extraction parts are easy to clean and can be placed in the dishwasher. The raised air intake grill means that overflowing liquids can’t get in to the module, and even if they do they’re simply diverted into a reservoir. And where organisation is concerned, the unit’s compact design leaves loads of space for extra storage of pots, pans and dishes.

Where can you see the Bosch InductionAir venting cook hob?

We think that this is the ultimate hob solution for a kitchen island or on any worktop in fact – but don’t just take our word for it here, come and see it in action at our kitchen shop in Thatcham.

Interested in viewing Bosch kitchen appliances and the venting hob in Berkshire? Call us on 01635 863853 or simply drop by our kitchen showroom in Thatcham.  View our virtual showroom.  Check out our live cookery events in 2018.

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